Thursday, 9 June 2016

MAKEUP REVOLUTION: The Creators Of The Most Beautiful Palettes.

Hello Lovelies,
I purchased these beautiful palettes as I've heard such good things about the brand. The quality and also how inexpensive the products are is just mindblowing. Makeup Revolution is a UK based brand which is available online and in many Superdrug stores in the UK. From my knowledge there are an increasing number of pharmacies stocking Makeup Revolution products so it is definitely a brand to start looking out for on your weekly if not daily trips to your nearest pharmacy/chemist. The products came wrapped in plastic packaging almost like the packaging for missguided and boohoo. The palettes were thoroughly protected by a good few layers of bubble wrap which I was delighted to see as it's always a bit daunting when ordering cosmetics online, that by the time they reach you they are damaged and cracked.

On first glance I was amazed by the quality of the outside cardboard packaging followed by the compact and sleek sturdy palettes. It is evident that they are of serious high quality just by the look and feel of the thick plastic and the sleek and glossy finish. I am just amazed by the quality and pigmentation of all three palettes. I just couldn't wait to use these palettes and really get stuck into creating the most amazing contoured and highlighted looks.

Makeup Revolution are very well known for their ‘dupe’ creations of the products that are high end. If you are curious about what products they have available then I strongly recommend visiting their website ( They have such a variety of products available, from skin bases, eyeshadow palettes, contour palettes, makeup brushes and also an enormous amount of lipsticks with different finishes and shades available. Basically they have everything!

I am seriously blown away by the quality and how sleek and expensive these palettes look. As I said previous I purchased three palettes, two for contouring and one for highlighting. The two contouring palettes I got were the 'Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette', 'Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette' and last but not least the highlighting trio palette is the 'Makeup Revolution Radiance Highlighting Palette'.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette
This palette contains three contour shades (two dark brown and one light/medium cool toned shade) two setting powders (one light skin toned and one banana shade) one natural skin toned highlighting powder and of course it doesn't stop there, it also contains a marbled white highlighting powder and a marbled bronze powder. It is clear that they have put serious thought into both the packaging and the layout of their palettes. It is a very versatile palette which can be used all over the face, it has everything you need for contouring, bronzing and highlighting the face in just one palette. What is so handy about these palettes is that they are not big and chunky, therefor they are perfect for travelling. Especially if you want just one palette which can be used all over the face and can create a lot of different yet easy looks with.


Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette
There was just no way I could go onto the Makeup Revolution website and not order this palette, I have seen an increasing number of brands start to bring out cream contour palettes since the beginning of this year with some palettes being overly expensive. The formulation is very creamy and insanely blendable. The palette contains four highlighting shades (one very light skin toned/white shade, one banana shade, one light/medium shade and also a white(shimmery) shade) and it of course contains four contour shades (two dark brown, one warm light/medium skin toned shade and one cool light/medium skin toned shade). It really does give you a lot of options and a variety of shades, it is very easy to create a natural contoured and highlighted look as well as being able to easily create a very structured and intense contoured and highlighted look (no surprise that this is my favourite way to contour).


Makeup Revolution Radiance Highlighting Palette
STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW! Go onto The Makeup Revolution website and just take a very long look at this gorgeous palette as you seriously need it in your collection. As you can tell from the layout and shade range in this palette, it is a dupe for the 'Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette'. It is definitely a very close contender but as I do not own that palette I cannot compare it on a performance and pigmentation level. But this right here in my opinion is a definite winner. For such an affordable price, it's insane that it is this good. The shades are to die for and it gives you great variety in terms of the shades available and the different undertones that are included in this palette to match anyones skin tone, from the paler girls like myself to the more tanned/darker skin tones. What I adore most about this palette is the control you have over the intensity of the highlight, but I can definitely say, once you start applying you’re not going to want to stop.


Hope you enjoyed this review and that you are tempted to make an order,
I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
Love Rouxella x


  1. I so understand the feeling. I went to superdrug the other day and just bought so many Make up revolution product. Crazy. But how satisfying. And such a good quality and nice colors. Good buy. Great post. xx

  2. I have never tried anything from Makeup Revolution but these palettes look so amazing!

    Christine xx

  3. Great post! I seriously need to get to a makeup revolution stand��

  4. Something is making me hold off buying one, could be the amount of choice, I think I spend so long looking at the many many palettes I go makeup blind and can't decide. The highlighter does look great though x