Friday, 1 June 2018

I've Left AGAIN? Where Am I Going?

You’ve done what now? You’ve left? Where are you going? Well, let’s just say this was a very easy decision on my end. Since completing my six-month work placement in the year of 2017 as part of my University degree, I knew as soon as it finished that this wasn’t the end of my journey stateside. 

Looking back on where I was in my life before I arrived in the states last year is crazy, I was a complete home-bird. I lived at home all my life, I was lucky enough to not have to pay the extra expenses associated with living away from home. While this was a huge bonus, it also meant that I never got to experience that feeling of living away from your family and doing it all on your own. This definitely made me feel like I was leaving my safety net at home and going out to experience something I never had to previously. 

I was scared, anxious and worried about the unknown, of not being able to settle in easily. That I would just want to go back to my safety net I had at home. It’s true that I am a creature of habit, I like consistency and I have the mentality that with consistency comes less worry and less ‘turbulence’. But it is safe to say that as soon as I arrived in Boston, surrounded by the people and the new way of life, I truly found myself. I felt as though back home I was too hidden in my life as a university student and the stress of exams.

Last year I got to experience things I never got to experience at home, I got exposed to a new way of life. I created a new sense of ownership over the person I was becoming, and that person is someone who looks to experience every little thing she could, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to other people. I believe that everything you experience and every person that comes into your life is for a reason, and the impact they have on you is important. 

Now, it wasn’t easy, but nothing worth having in life ever is. Wheres the fun in that? When things become easy, they become less exciting and more tedious to us. 

I am delighted to say that I am lucky enough to have secured myself the opportunity to work alongside an amazing team of individuals in a company I could have only dreamed of working for.

I spent hours upon hours researching and contacting numerous individuals within different companies asking for the chance to apply for the internships they were advertising for recent US graduates. I am positive I sent over 100 emails and LinkedIn messages to employees asking for a moment of their time to describe myself, my educational background and what I was looking for in an internship. You could definitely describe it as an ‘elevator pitch’ moment. 

With more and more emails come more and more rejection emails with the lines ‘we have chosen to pursue other candidates’. It definitely doesn’t become easier, the most recent rejection email hurts just as bad as the first, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. With each rejection email comes a new opportunity to send an email to a new company or new LinkedIn connection. When you have a passion for something, or a true desire to see something through to the end, nothing will get in your way. And any obstacle or barrier that does act as a challenge, only makes you want it more.

I knew I had something to give, something to show and something to prove. Not only to the people I would be lucky enough to work for but to myself. I had spent countless of hours for the past 24 weeks researching articles and studying that at the end of it all, you want to make those around you proud. 

This is the start of it all, the beginning of a whole new chapter. In my words, this new chapter will have the same author, the same main character but with different tales to tell and stories to be told. I am where I need to be, with the people I want to be with and I am ready to create stories and memories to cherish forever.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

On Valentine's Day, We Wear Red!

Hello Lovelies,

I know I know, the concept of 'valentine's day' is like marmite, you either love the day that it is, or you absolutely hate it. But let me just say something, which may be a bit controversial..but just hear me out. I am definitely the type of person who loves any day that focuses on romance and love. That's just the type of person I am. Now let me just say, you can't deny that there is no better feeling than seeing someone you truly care about, whether that is your mother, father, best friend, partner, sibling or even your dog (YOU DO YOU!) in awe of the affection and appreciation you have for them. To me, the day isn't about buying materialistic items and upping one another for who can purchase the most or who can buy the most expensive item. It is about just being there, doing something special with one another, we can all admit that with the stress and worries of daily life. Our awareness of the people we love can escape us, we focus so much on the things that are happening at that moment, those deadlines or stresses that hover over us. We tend to miss out on the special moments, we tend to focus on the short term and forget about the long-term effects of our choices. 

I mean, what is so bad about having one day dedicated to the meaning of 'love', 'appreciation', 'gratitude'. People focus so much on the idea that it is all about having a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and forget that all is it about is taking time out to be with that special someone or someones. I mean, how could you complain about having a day dedicated to rom-com movies, cooking your favourite dinner and chilling with a cup of tea and a few valentine's themed chocolates? I don't think that could ever be a terrible day. But, of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. if it's not a day for you, then what harm. We all just got to remember, no good comes from a negative attitude, and as much as we may feel frustrated or uninterested, the more negative energy you put out into the world, the more you get back. 

My day started with a few hours in university, of course, I then went to brunch at my favourite brunch spot here in Cork. The Liberty Grill has and will always be my favourite spot for breakfast. That night we had a Mexican Fiesta. it's my families favourite meal to cook together and it was amazing to all be together and sit down and just relax. That night, given the day it was, full of Valentine's themed sweet treats and chocolates. I mean, who am I to deny a few heart shaped caramel filled chocolates and Valentine's themed doughnuts? Thank you to Sticky Fingers in Cork City for the amazing doughnut fix.

Believe it or not, I found it pretty hard to think of an outfit which incorporated some red. Red is not a colour I wear often. I tend to stick to navy and blacks. I know they say red is a great colour for redheads, do they say that? I'm sure that's a thing people say, maybe not. My full outfit is Primark. Totally affordable.

Grey Cigarette Trousers / Primark (Missguided Similar)
Red Bodysuit / Primark
Black Tights / Primark
Brown Chelsea Boots / Primark (H&M Similar)

Hope you all enjoy this outfit post and my own opinion toward the concept of Valentine's day. Until next time my dears.
Love Rouxella x

Saturday, 20 January 2018

City Discovery #2: Simonds Park Boston

Hello Beauties,

A new year means new travels, another edition of the new cities adventures. To end my 2017 adventures and start 2018, there is no other place id rather be than in the beautiful city of Boston. 

I am lucky enough to have friends in Boston that I came to visit while on university break. And let me tell you something, Boston this time of year, is absolutely freezing. But with each new day comes new places to visit and new cafes and food spots to discover.

Before new years we visited this snow-covered local park, what was amazing was the kids sledding down the snow mounds on their own sleds. To an Irish person, that’s something we don’t see very often. Especially when we don’t get snow very often, and when we do, it's not snow, its just pure slush. 

Everywhere you look is snow upon snow, it's magical, no matter where you take a picture, there is always something beautiful being captured. Everywhere you look it's a great backdrop.

Block Tench Coat: Primark
 Jumper with Ruffled Neck: Primark
Denim Skirt: Primark
Cashmere Scarf: Dublin Clothing Stall
Cashmere Gloves: Dublin Clothing Stall

I hope you all enjoy this 'wintery' inspired cool toned fashion look, I enjoyed taking these photo's as it feels great being back in the states for a little vacation. Which city is next?
Love Rouxella x

Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Weekend of Cities!

Hello Beauties,

It's that time again where we get to travel a bit around Ireland. It was a very special weekend as I got to visit some of the popular sites and landmarks in the beautiful city of Cork and the ever so popular Dublin.

As the colder days and nights roll in and the beginning of the New Year is about to commence, I was lucky enough to have some photographs taken in various spots around Ireland. Starting in Blarney Castle and Gardens, Cork. This was the first time I got to explore around the Gardens as when I was a child I just got to look at the castle from the outside, too scared to go explore. The Gardens are absolutely beautiful, there is no doubt you could get lost, there are so many different paths and trails you could follow. Although, there is a need for some fairy doors and tails in a few areas.

Black Tights: Primary
Denim Button Skirt: Primark
Grey Turtle Jumper: Primark
Navy Jacket with Fur Collar: Primark

Next was a trip up to Dublin where we shot in multiple locations, of course we had to start in the beautiful St Stephen's Green, a trip to the Capital isn't complete without a nice walk around the very autumnal park where you can just leisurely stroll while sipping on some delicious hot chocolate. Perfect for this time of year, warms up the body and the chocolate definitely puts you in that festive mood. A new discovery of mine is Grand Canal Square, the backdrop of the water is perfect, the atmosphere and modern buildings are fabulous. Ending the photoshoot day with a little tour of Trinity College followed by there a spot of lunch in Sprout&Co. 

White Collar Shirt: Primark

Cropped Embroidered Jumper: Primark

To finish of the trip we had the pleasure of staying in the magical Carton House in Maynooth, this place has a little place in my heart. The hotel is just a dream and a total luxury, I feel like a princess every time I step through those doors. The staff go above and beyond every time to make sure your needs are met to the highest standard, and I can't even express my love for the breakfast the following morning. 

Overall, this trip was just amazing and I look forward to my next photoshoot in various cities throughout Ireland and beyond. I mean, who knows what trip I'll plan next. 

Love Rouxella x