Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Inglot "What a Spice!" Collection is INTENSE.

Photo Credit: Inglot Cosmetics Website

If you are an avid user of social media like myself then you would have seen that news broke out regarding Inglot Cosmetics new autumn collection ‘What a Spice!’. This was definitely an unexpected release for both myself and Inglot Ireland as there wasn't any buildup or marketing here in Ireland.Having said that, for a collection that had little to no marketing or build up in terms of social media and press releases, the response was as big as ever. Just goes to show how having a big following and an outstanding employer brand goes a long way. It’s safe to say this is my favourite Inglot collection to date. The collection includes 10 new Matte Eyeshadows, 10 new Lipstick Matte and also 5 new Colour Play Lipliners. The shades in this collection are a true representative of those autumnal shades that we love, from browns to oranges to reds and even greys. These rich, powerful and fierce shades are inspired by the spices of the world including turmeric, chili and cinnamon. Inglot have truly spoilt us in more ways than one. They have released various shades in three of their existing product ranges; Freedom System Eye Shadow Matte, Lipstick Matte and Colour Play Eyeliner.

Containing special silicones and treated pigments to give the intense pigmentation and silky texture that Inglots existing eyeshadows are known for while also promising to be long lasting and crease resistant. As you can tell from the title all the shades in this collection are fully matte, this is due to the eyeshadows oil free formula. I am delighted to hear that they will be sold separately and not just in their usual palette form. This allows us to pick and choose the shades that tickles our fancy without having to commit to particular shades that we might not use. Although saying that, I could definitely see myself using 8/10 of these shades if not all.

Photo Credit: Inglot Cosmetics Website

If you haven't copped it yet, Inglot are giving us all the mattes this season. And this makes me a very happy bunny. You may ask why I prefer a matte over a satin finish? Easy answer, the formula will last longer. Therefore you get more bang for your buck and you don’t spend your day reapplying your lipstick over and over again. However, there is a common error when it comes to matte finish lipsticks, we must ask ourselves when is a matte lipstick ‘too matte’. And by ‘too matte’ I mean the lipstick formula is very dry and tugs on the lips when applying, thus making any dry skin on the lips very apparent. The Inglot lipsticks however contain Vitamin E, macadamia oil and also avocado oil to prevent this, leaving the lips feeling moisturised and nourished. The formula is said to be long lasting, with the ideal matte finish which glides on the lips with ease and no tugging, leaving you with an even and opaque finish.

Photo Credit: Inglot Cosmetics Website

Now being honest I dont purchased a lot of lip liners as I haven't found one that has truly stood out to me as an everyday staple. Having said that,I haven't researched or even looked into what lip liners are the most raved about. But I have definitely heard great and only positive comments on the longevity and pigmentation of Inglots lip liners. Especially the nude shades as they work almost like a primer/base for your lipstick, no matter what the shade. Having quite full and plump lips means that I don't need much defining when it comes to prepping for my lipstick. Lip liners are used primarily for defining the shape of your lips, therefore, making the application of your lipstick easier. The Inglot lip liners come in an array of shades and the pigmentation and payoff of these lip liners is vibrant and most definitely opaque. One of my pet peeves when it comes to lip liners has to be the constant sharpening after every use, Inglot lip liners have a built- in-sharpener and a windup-retractable feature making this tedious task a thing of the past.

Photo Credit: Inglot Cosmetics Website

P.S Here is the Inglot ‘What a Spice’ collection video.

Video Credit: Inglot Cosmetics Youtube

I hope you enjoyed this post and are as excited as I am to get my hands on most shades in the collection. Inglot are such a high quality yet affordable brand, how could we not treat ourselves even just a little bit, I mean, we deserve it right?  Definitely let me know if you are planning on purchasing any products from the collection!

Love Rouxella x


  1. Oh my goodness! I lover every single shade you've showcased, I want them all!! P.s. Your blog header is lovely :)

  2. oh those colours are fab and perfect for autumn. I really want to go out and get some now.

  3. Really beautiful fall worthy colors! I must check it out in person!

  4. Oh I adore all the colours - they are exactly what I would choose! Kaz x

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