Friday, 6 January 2017

Positivity, Food and Bringing People Together!

It was a long awaited journey which I have been planning to go on since the beginning of last year when I first started following this energetic and positive 'Pear' of guys. The Happy Pear are twins, Dave and Steve from the beautiful Greystones town in Wicklow. They spent a long amount of time travelling the world but not together, separately. Discovering new and different cultures, and of course new foods. Dave and Steve eat a plant based diet and their branding and family shop has grown above and beyond their own expectations. The one thing that captivates me most about 'The Happy Pear' is their values and how much emphasis they put on their family and friends. In today's world, it's not very often that you come across individuals who are as genuine and loving towards everyone that they meet.

The Happy Pears vision for making the world a healthier and happier place has sprouted through their own positive attitude towards not only wholesome and plant based foods but also towards life itself and how lucky we all are to be alive and healthy. Through my own ways of living as healthy and happy as I can, their motto really captivates me. I try to live each day, if not second of my life with a positive and happy attitude to not only keep my own mind healthy and happy but to also make sure I am exuding that positive attitude onto others. They are a part of Jamie Oliver's Foodtube network while also setting up their own Happy Heart Course.

From being a little follower of their social media channels to following their daily snapchats, I made it my mission to go to their cafe and really get my hands on their delicious food which I see every day on either their Instagram or Snapchat. I have created and re-created many of their recipes from both their YouTube channel and their book but to have the chance to go to their cafe and taste the true Happy Pear dishes was just something else.

It is well known that food can bring people together, but it's not just the food that brings us together, it is their attitude towards life. They genuinely care about the people(including me) that support and are followers of their journey from a small fruit and vegetable shop to a No.1 cookbook best-seller. The smile on my face as I watch their daily snapchats is something else, it's almost like I am a child on Christmas morning. So you could only imagine the expression on my face as I travelled to 'The Happy Pear' cafe in Greystones. It was a long time coming, but damn was it worth it. We arrived at the cafe just before lunch time so it was the most perfect and ideal time as we beat the long lines of people who line up daily for their delicious food.

The atmosphere and environment which surrounds the cafe is uplifting, it's all 'go-go-go' and everyone is just smiling and laughing and truly having the giggles with one another. The biggest struggle or issue I had was trying to decide what I wanted to order. There was an array of delicious food, and I wanted to taste it all. My mother and I got two different plates so we could try a few different dishes that they had(very tactical I know). I got a plate full of the different salad options that they had were serving that day. I just asked for everything. I had never tried any of the salad options they had so I was excited to taste it all. My mother got the quinoa and black bean burger which was just phenomenal and definitely had the 'more-ish' taste to it.

The food was so filling and absolutely delicious, everything was so fresh and there is no better feeling than eating wholesome foods which just fills your body with the micronutrients our bodies need and crave. Food's that I wouldn't usually have such as beetroot, chickpeas and hummus were the options I tried and since then, I have introduced them into my daily dishes but of course I can't make them taste just as wonderful as 'The Happy Pear' Chefs do. What was most surprising was how full my mother and I felt all day, we couldn't get over how much it filled us up. These dishes kept us so satisfied throughout the whole day. They were definitely those meals that you just didn't want to end.

For dessert, we just had to buy not just one dessert or a slice of their delicious cake, but we just had to buy a whole loaf of their banana cake/bread. And oh sweet baby Jesus, it was delicious. It was gone in minutes and when we returned back to Cork the following day we were on the hunt for the ingredients of the cake so we could make it ourselves and devour it again and again. It was just so moist and it just melted in your mouth, paired with a perfectly brewed 'Latte' it was the perfect 'pear-ing'. Oh, the puns! We replicated the banana bread/cake as best we could but again, there is just no way you could truly make it taste as good as the real thing. This bread is a staple in our household now, every week see's a new banana bread. And I ain't complaining.

I was in awe, walking around the cafe and looking at all the vegetables and different fruits they have available,. I absolutely love discovering new wholesome and nutritious foods and finding out new information about different superfoods etc. And 'The Happy Pear' cafe just encapsulates the wholesome, delicious and plant-based food motto.

So I hope ye enjoyed this little foodie adventure, I know I did.
 Let's hope there is another 'Happy Pear' adventure coming soon.
Love Rouxella x

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