Saturday, 20 January 2018

City Discovery #2: Simonds Park Boston

Hello Beauties,

A new year means new travels, another edition of the new cities adventures. To end my 2017 adventures and start 2018, there is no other place id rather be than in the beautiful city of Boston. 

I am lucky enough to have friends in Boston that I came to visit while on university break. And let me tell you something, Boston this time of year, is absolutely freezing. But with each new day comes new places to visit and new cafes and food spots to discover.

Before new years we visited this snow-covered local park, what was amazing was the kids sledding down the snow mounds on their own sleds. To an Irish person, that’s something we don’t see very often. Especially when we don’t get snow very often, and when we do, it's not snow, its just pure slush. 

Everywhere you look is snow upon snow, it's magical, no matter where you take a picture, there is always something beautiful being captured. Everywhere you look it's a great backdrop.

Block Tench Coat: Primark
 Jumper with Ruffled Neck: Primark
Denim Skirt: Primark
Cashmere Scarf: Dublin Clothing Stall
Cashmere Gloves: Dublin Clothing Stall

I hope you all enjoy this 'wintery' inspired cool toned fashion look, I enjoyed taking these photo's as it feels great being back in the states for a little vacation. Which city is next?
Love Rouxella x

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