Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Weekend of Cities!

Hello Beauties,

It's that time again where we get to travel a bit around Ireland. It was a very special weekend as I got to visit some of the popular sites and landmarks in the beautiful city of Cork and the ever so popular Dublin.

As the colder days and nights roll in and the beginning of the New Year is about to commence, I was lucky enough to have some photographs taken in various spots around Ireland. Starting in Blarney Castle and Gardens, Cork. This was the first time I got to explore around the Gardens as when I was a child I just got to look at the castle from the outside, too scared to go explore. The Gardens are absolutely beautiful, there is no doubt you could get lost, there are so many different paths and trails you could follow. Although, there is a need for some fairy doors and tails in a few areas.

Black Tights: Primary
Denim Button Skirt: Primark
Grey Turtle Jumper: Primark
Navy Jacket with Fur Collar: Primark

Next was a trip up to Dublin where we shot in multiple locations, of course we had to start in the beautiful St Stephen's Green, a trip to the Capital isn't complete without a nice walk around the very autumnal park where you can just leisurely stroll while sipping on some delicious hot chocolate. Perfect for this time of year, warms up the body and the chocolate definitely puts you in that festive mood. A new discovery of mine is Grand Canal Square, the backdrop of the water is perfect, the atmosphere and modern buildings are fabulous. Ending the photoshoot day with a little tour of Trinity College followed by there a spot of lunch in Sprout&Co. 

White Collar Shirt: Primark

Cropped Embroidered Jumper: Primark

To finish of the trip we had the pleasure of staying in the magical Carton House in Maynooth, this place has a little place in my heart. The hotel is just a dream and a total luxury, I feel like a princess every time I step through those doors. The staff go above and beyond every time to make sure your needs are met to the highest standard, and I can't even express my love for the breakfast the following morning. 

Overall, this trip was just amazing and I look forward to my next photoshoot in various cities throughout Ireland and beyond. I mean, who knows what trip I'll plan next. 

Love Rouxella x


  1. I've always wanted to visit Dublin, looks beautiful

  2. When you visit Japan you should defo go to Kamakura and see the Giant Buddha it's amazing.
    Have a fantastic year