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So for this blogpost i am gonna give you a look at the new and already existing products from lush!! So being a lover of lush it was great to be invited to their Christmas launch and it was so exciting as it was my first blogger event!

I can't rave anymore about how nice the staff in lush are, how informative they are on every product and the real passion they have for their work, it was such a pleasure to listen to the storys behind every product and seeing the new products if course! AND WHATS THE BEST? It is all organic and vegan.

So as soon as i got in their the staff were so nice and were asking if i needed anything, i also got a lovely personal look at all the new products and if i had to pick one word to describe them i would have to pick 'SMELLSENSUAL' every one of their products have a their own distinctive scent and a story behind them.

The most memorable product and most amazing product would have to be the 'Honey I Washed The Kids'. This product really stood out to me because of the heartwarming story behind it. So as you all know about the nuclear explosion that happened in the Ukraine on the 26th of April in 1986, at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The explosion released a large amount of radioactive particles into the atmosphere which are still affecting the people that live near there today. People cannot use the local water or grow crops as they are still to this day contaminated with radiation. So as many lush stores aswell were affected due to this explosion , Lush came up with this AMAZING idea where to create the fun factor for the kids in the area they created this multipurpose product. You can use it for your hair and body, for a nice lathered bath or just for fun as it has this play doh type texture! And not only that but with every purchase 10c goes to helping the people affected by Chernobyl.

We also got a demonstration of how fast the bathbombs lather up, its amazing how much lather you get with such a small piece of the bathbomb! it felt so silky and soft when we put our hands in, it just makes you want a bath right then and there!!

So here are just a few of the amazing products they have for their Christmas line:

'Celebrate' €16.80/Each
This is the most amazing body lotion, it has a lime and orange scent and makes you rush in the shower just to put this on, it feels amazing on the skin and also contains very fine shimmer pigment to give a glow to the skin without being glittery.

Luxury Lush Pud €4.40/Each

 Snowman €3.25/Each

Secret Santa €7.50/Each
This is amazing because when you open it up there is a little santa inside so you get 3 bathbombs in total, so creative and amazing! 

Cinders €3.20/Each
These have little crackling pieces on the top to give you that feeling of sitting by the fire at Christmas time.

So White €4.25/Each 

Shoot For The Stars €4.25/Each

'Bombardino' €3.25/Each 

How cute are these? I couldn't get over these, they look so precious and as soon as you see these you just fall in love!

'Magic Wand' €6.50/Each 
These last so long, all you do it hold it under the tap when filling up your bath and let it dry, this is for the people who love the snow fairy shower gel but prefers baths. Such a wonderful bubble gum scent! its amazinggggggg!

'Melting Snowman' €2.95/Each

'The Christmas Penguin' €3.85/Each

'Star Light,Star Bright' €4.50/Each

'Christmas Eve' €3.85/Each
This is of course for the people that like to unwind and relax especially on Christmas eve as it gives of relaxing scents and its definitely on my Christmas eve list!

'Pumpkin' €3.50/Each
Obviously this is part of the Halloween collection but i just had to show these, i need this in my life! i am going to buy one of these and have a relaxing pampering day before Halloween!

'Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar' €6.50/Each
Of course this is a must have for anyone who lovessss the 'snow fairy' shower gel but whats more of a message bar, something to really make you relax in either the shower or the bath. The scent just makes you feel like you're in a bubblegum candy land.

€4.50 for 100g(little one) €6.50 250g(medium size) 
I just had to buy this, it comes out every Christmas and vanishes then till next Christmas so i must get the large one ASAP! can be use on both the body and hair which i have both done, a must have!

'Creamy Candy Bath' €3.95

And there is sooo much more in store that are coming in, go check out all of these products and spoil go yourself! you deserve it!!

I Just had to show this perfume set up! It is amazing, i love the comic feel that they have. The scent 'Sikkim' is the scent i fell inlove with. Normally i go for the fruity scents but this is completely different, this scent is a very spiced scent, like cinnamon. It reminds me of Christmas so i am so getting it for the Christmas months! 

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost i know i enjoyed writing it, 
Love Rouxella x

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