Thursday, 31 July 2014


So as its the end of summer i thought id do a very summer inspired blogpost to make us prolong these summer feelings. During these amazing and VERY hot months i kind of start to realise what i use on an everyday basis and things i cant go without on these hot days. As it is well known summer usually in Ireland consists or clouds and a lot of rain, not your typical summer weather! But this summer has been completely different. It has been very hot and almost like ive been away all summer,temperatures up to high 20's! which is crazy for ireland, it has been a consist heat wave which we do not dislike!

So my first summer essential and almost a must-have is deodorant and perfume. Because of the hotness and the humidity it has raised the great need for deodorant, we cant be having any sweaty armpits now! The deodorant that i feel that really works is the 'dove original' .I feel as though its long lasting and keeps those pits smelling good. It also very good at making sure there is no white residue or powder that transfers onto your clothes. My favourite perfumes at the moment are the Katy Perry 'purr' perfume and also i have Beyonce 'Heat' , these scents are both very fruity and have that real summer smell and are what i wear everyday! They also last all day and night which is good when you're out for a long period of time and don't want to be spraying yourself every hour!

My one makeup item that i use mostly everyday is the 'Lash Blast Volume' by Covergirl! I only have this about 3 weeks but it just makes my eyelashes so much more voluminised and also give them great length, because i have very light eye lashes its important that the mascara is a true black and also has the right brush in which it gets to the roots of the eyelashes. This is a true essential!!

Another essential of mine in summer has to be a body moisturizer! Since its summer season and of course of skin is gonna be on more show than in winter when we are like Eskimos. And of course our legs are on show since the sun has been amazing and its been a killer heat season! Because of this we must make sure our legs are even just a bit acceptable cause i dunno about ye but its a big effort summer season, so having a good shave and a decent moisturizer makes that effort seem a lot more bearable. My Favourite Razor is the Gillette "Simply Venus 3". It gives me a really close shave and i have smooth legs for a lot longer than any other razor that Ive tried.

 I have 3 favourite moisturizers.
  • My all time favourite is the lush 'Celebrate' moisturizer. This is enriched with citrus scents and oils that make your skin feel so soft and make any dry skin disappear immediately. As i'm putting this on i feel as though i am indeed treating myself! This is a thick consistency and because of this i apply it at night so it has a good amount of time to really absorb into the skin.

  •  I also do this with my next favourite which is the Palmer's 'Cocoa Butter Formula' Body Lotion, this as it says does really smell like you mixed butter and cocoa powder together, it isnt the greatest smell but its AMAZING at moisturizing the skin!! As i said i do like to put this on in well advance or just before i go to bed to really let it absorb into the skin. I love this stuff, its absolutely well worth the cost! I know here in Ireland it is quite expensive for a lotion from the drugstore at around €10 but its really not that costly as it lasts ages!

  • If you're looking for a body moisturizer/lotion that is good for on the go or not a heavy or thick consistency i would definitely recommend the Nivea 'Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion'. I have two of these and they are both amazing! They really do nourish the skin and make it less dry, although i do feel as though my legs do get quite dry but if i use this everyday it does a really good job and it is at a very inexpensive price, you just can never go wrong with Nivea.

Next of course is the Tan, and of course ye should all know i swear by my love of cocoa brown tan!! ITS AMAZING! i literally never have any problems with it, no streaks at all, its so easy to use and apply. And im quite pale and it doesn't look orange or anything, it looks like a rich tan colour and then i like to have a quick body shower. This is just so i cant get of the slight tan smell and the top layer which just sits on the skin and this gives me the most amazing tan colour EVER! The only thing i would change is the dispenser, i got the travel pack which is 'woooowza', it contains a travel size of the moisturizer, scrub and of course the tan. And this tan had the pump dispenser which i much prefer over the original one.

My two favourite nail varnishes to use lately have been the rimmel '030 Double Decker Red' which is a vibrant red colour and really does protray the colour of summer. This colour is amazing on both tanned and pale people and is a hugee favourite of mine, i dont think i could live without this one! I use about 2 coats and this is perfect,it usually lasts about 4/5 days!  I Also have two other nail colour favourites that ive been constantly using this summer, these are both from Maybelline, '241 Orange Attack' sometimes a girl has got to embrace the orange and it looks so summery and really compliments any skin tone and i love it for both pale and tan times! '120 Urban Turquoise' is another favourite, this is a perfect blue for every season and i will be forever wearing and loving this colour! They also last a generous amount of time before it chips, great for such a reasonable price!

I hope ye enjoyed this post, 
Love Rouxella x

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