Saturday, 13 September 2014


So as ye all know we all love our little getaways and our mini breaks with friends, family and even our romantic acquaintances ;) Seeing as though i just came back from my trip to belgium and germany just a few weeks ago i still felt like i needed just a lil break with the mother before college started. I love these kind of getaways being honest,as me and my mother are very close and mostly like bestfriends, its always a treat to go away with her and spend a few days stressfree from ordinary life! Seeing as though i stayed in Ireland and we went to somewhere quite near i thought id do a little blogpost for ye and show ye what we got up to and a few of our favourite places to go when we go to Dublin, and before ye even scroll down i must say.. we sure did indulge this break as most of our loves are food places! hehe

The place we stayed was just a few minutes away from o connell street, its called 'My Place'. Seeing as though its peak season right now and everywhere in dublin especially everywhere close to the city centre are so costly, not so much my mom but me for definite was not going to pay over €100 for just a room for 1 night so after our research using and we came across this hotel. We booked a twin room for just €69. We were amazed at the size of the room and the fact that there was 2 double beds.ONE EACH! I was ecstatic to see that i would get a double bed to myself! The room also had a lovely vanity for which i was thrilled that i could do my makeup with ease and also a lovely tray with tea bags and milk ect! The ensuit was on the smaller size with a quite cramped sink but the shower was lovely and was very easy to use! The staff were incredibly nice and next to the reception room they had a chill area in which guest could come down and chillax and play some pool! Great for young adults and for people to meet other guests.
The next day the hotel also kept our bags in a storage room which i was releaved as our bags were very heavy after all our shopping!

As soon as i got to Dublin i wanted to go straight to starbucks, i was devastated when i didnt see any iced teas on their menu as i always wanted to taste one but instead i got the Mango Passion fruit i think it was called. This was amazinggg! Im craving it right now as im writting about it!

For a little treat/snack we went to Ginos on o connell street and sweet lord jesus we got the most amazing waffle ever! I totally recommend everyone to try these. We were absolutely obsessed and even looking at the crepes they were making fresh and the ice creams, i was in awe! They looked absolutely gorgeous and so flawless, it was a true instagram moment i must say.

After our little nap back at the hotel and after getting all done up and pretty we of course went to TGI Fridays. And let me say.. we are NEVER disappointed! By this time we were absolutelty starving so i forgot to take a photo of the main but i of course took a picture of the starter and the cocktail we got! They have a lovely deal of a starter and a main for just €16 and they have such a wide selection and the food is just so amazing!

  • For starter i got Siracha Wings which were absolutely deliciousness!! They were definitely for the people who like the chili/spice type wings and i was inlove,and of course they come with the bleu cheese dip just incase they are just a little bit too spicy and which is a must for me, not because theyre too spicy or anything..the just give that variety of taste.

  • For the Main i had the 'Cheeseburger Duluxe' and it was scrumptious! The burger was lovely and well cooked which is the only burger i can even look at, i hate any pink in any of my meat. But it was still juicy and not dried out at all! The sauce was just so tasty with the cheese and everything! The chips were just like captain americas chips where you can still see the skin on it and they just tasted so fresh and perfect!
  •  For cocktails then me and the mother had the Havana Mojitos..which were just delish and had a nice kick to them. We always get them and the strawberry daquiris so there was no surprise that they were as good as they always are! <3

The next day then we decided to go to the zoo and it was so nice to go there after not being there in like 6 years which is crazy! i will just insert some photos to show ye what animals we saw and i would recommend this zoo to anyone as it is a reasonable price and its such a well cared for zoo! Although it did start to rain 3/4 of the way through which was unexpected for the irish weather we've been having lately it was also a bummer that we had to rush the rest of the way! But enjoy the pictures as it was such a nice experience to have with the moma!

And lastly i would just like to recommend this place called the 'Burger Hut' on Talbot Street. Just go in a order there chip butty and i swear to you it will be the best chip butty you will ever experience! They have a variety of food such as kebabs and pizza slices ect. AMAZINGNESS!

Hope you enjoy this blogpost,
Love Rouxella x

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