Monday, 4 January 2016

BUDGET BUY: A New Catrice Concealer On The Block..

Hello Lovelies,
I would like to introduce you to the 'Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer', I have been testing out this concealer for a few weeks now since I finished my 'Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer'. Siobhan from 'Letz Makeup' is always raving about how good the Catrice brand of makeup is and how amazing this concealer is. I am definitely the type of girl who loves just grabbing a concealer to cover a few imperfections instead of going full throttle every time I want to put on a bit of makeup. I hate having an unnecessary load of makeup on my face when I won't be doing anything special.

I love wearing concealer to cover any redness especially around my nose and chin and to cover any blueness or discolouration under my eyes. Because of the fact that I am then relying on the concealer and not on a foundation, the staying power and longevity of the concealer is definitely a key factor. This concealer has blown my mind, the staying power and quality of this concealer is not one to miss. When using this concealer as a 'foundation' I just put some around my nose, around my T-Zone area and around my chin/mouth area. This concealer leaves a bit of a satin finish instead of a complete matte so I always like to set it with a powder to ensure that it won't move around throughout the day.

The coverage on the concealer is amazing and definitely one to test against the higher end brands such as the 'Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer' and the 'Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer'. It's not as high coverage as the Mac but it is definitely a contender, the Mac formulation is also a bit drier and doesn't glide as easily as the Catrice does. My all-time favourite concealer will always be the Mac Pro Long Wear but taking into account the similarity and the price difference, this Catrice concealer is a very close runner up.

When using this concealer for a more dramatic look, it is just outstanding for highlighting under the eye to give that brightening effect, and what's the best about this concealer? IT DOES NOT CREASE. The bane of my life in relation to concealers is that they always seem to crease and seep into those little creases under the eyes.I love when concealers have a multi-purpose characteristic to them instead of just being for one use/job. The shade I use is just a bit lighter than my natural skin shade but it would be 2/3 shades lighter than my foundation I use on the regular as I like to tan quite often. The formulation is so smooth and glides very easily, the blending ability is very impressive and it works perfectly with all types of brushes, from the 'Real Techniques Contour Brush', 'Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22' and my 'Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge'.

The only downside to this concealer is definitely the shade range which is available, in my local Penneys/Primark there is only two shades. Which I don't mind as they are suitable for my skin tone  but for girls with a deeper complexion it would be very irritating. For just €3.99 there is zero reason why you shouldn't have this in your makeup bag. Maybe even more than one, I will definitely be stocking up on these ASAP.

I hope you enjoyed this little review,
Love Chelsea x


  1. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of concealer online at Majorbrands.

  2. catrice is one of my favourites! sadly cant find it in the uk but every time i go to ireland i pick one up!