Friday, 1 January 2016

My Favourite 2015 Beauty Products!

Hello lovelies,
It's that time of year where I begin to reflect on what products I've used on a constant rotation throughout the year of 2015 and what products I found myself using on the regular. I definitely used these products more than any other products in my collection. These are products I tend to use weekly if not daily. I don't think I could not have any of these products in my collection after noticing how much I actually use them and how in love I am with every single product shown. As you can see these products are for an array of purposes and some are from the drugstore and others are more high end. I definitely have more drugstore than high end in my collection but I absolutely love the feeling of finding a high end/drugstore product which suits me perfectly and a product which I fall deeply in love with. 

These are just a few of the products which I used the most this year and I know that I will use just as much for the coming year of 2016;

Sleek Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit: This is definitely my number 1 used product of 2015. Even if I'm not wearing makeup but I am still going to town or to college I always like to fill in my brows as I have naturally blonde eyebrows and even though I dye them I love having that definition while still being natural. €10.99 // Here

Mac 'Give Me Sun' Bronzer: Without a doubt, this is my favourite bronzer of all time and worth every penny. I remember when I first bought this I was like will it really be worth over €30 but I am so glad I bit the bullet and went for it. Even though I am on the paler side this is just magical and gives such a nice warm glow to the skin. It doesn't matter if I am wearing full coverage foundation or if I am wearing just a bit of concealer, It just gives such a warmth to the skin without looking very orange/too heavy. €31// Here

Mac 266 Eyebrow Brush: I've had this brush for over 5 years now, It is still in perfect condition and it is the best brush that I have found for my eyebrows and it is great at getting that defined yet still natural eyebrow shape. I have quite naturally thick brows so I absolutely love filling them in and really showing their real shape. I also use this brush for under the bottom lash line for eyeshadow and it is also perfect at creating that very popular sharp cut crease. €22 // Here

Mac 187 Duo-Fibre Stippling Face Brush: This is a great brush because of it's versatility and again like my other Mac brush I've had this for years now, I really do think it is luck of the draw when it comes to Mac brushes. Sometimes they are perfect and other times you might get a brush which just shreds and shreds. I use this brush mostly for bronzing up the face and neck area as it doesn't pack on the bronzer. It distributes the bronzer very evenly and naturally, This gives you the ability to build it up to your prefered preference. €47.50 // Here

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: How much have I raved about this powder in my blog posts. It is so inexpensive while still being an outstanding powder at really setting the foundation without looking powdery and cakey. It is perfect for us girls that tend to get oily throughout the day. There's nothing worse than feeling yourself getting more and more oily during the day and having to constantly top up on powder in order to control the oil. With this magical product I don't need to do all of that, I do it once and that's it for the day. Its truly amazing! €5.99 // Here

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer: This concealer is the best drugstore multi-use concealer that I have found. It comes in close second to my 'Mac Pro Long Wear'. It is perfect for both highlighting under the eyes for that brightening 'Kim Kardashian' look and also great for covering some imperfections instead of wearing a foundation. At just €3.99 it is an absolute BARGAIN. // Here

Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer: This product is a great dupe for the 'CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL' Bronzer. It is incredible for bronzing up the face either on its own or what I do is I set it with my Mac 'Give Me Sun' bronzer, they are the most perfect and beautiful pairing. This is great even on it's own with no foundation or anything, It creates a natural bronze look without looking like you actually have bronzer on your face. €12.99// Here

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan: This tan is just 'WOW OH WOW'. I have really grown to deeply love this tan and I always go back to it no matter what tan I start to use. It gives a perfect shade of tan without looking orange or too dark. I find that this tan almost develops more even after I wash off the top layer. Its applies so evenly and I never have to worry about streaks or any patchiness when applying this tanning mousse. I love that it is tinted, therefor I can see where I have applied the tan and If I have missed a spot. I leave this tan on all night as I like my tan to be quite dark without looking orange. Marissa Carter is the tanning goddess so whatever product she releases I just know instantly that I will absolutely love it. This is also perfect for tanning the outer perimeter of the face, it gives the most natural bronze look and doesn't wash off as soon as you cleanse your face. €7.99 // Here

Mac 'Soft Ochre' Paint Pot: This is a must for me whenever I wear eyeshadow, my eyelids are the bane of my life as they tend to get oily throughout the day and any eyeshadow that I apply will just crease instantly and just lose its structure if I don't apply a base. This base is perfect for canceling out any discolouration on the lid such as redness or any little veins that you might have. It is also a light coloured base so it allows you to see the true colour of the eyeshadows you apply and really allows them to be intensified. The staying power of my eyeshadows when I use this base is just amazing and it will definitely be a repurchase if I actually use it up in 2016. I've had this for ages now and I am constantly using it, It also still hasn't dried out which is a major bonus. €21 // Here

Mac 'Viva Glam II' Lipstick: When I first bought this lipstick I actually kind of regretted buying it as I felt it didn't suit my skin tone or it wasn't really the colour that I would normally choose as it has a kind of greyish tone to it. But I started using it again this winter and oh my lord it is now my most used lipstick for definite, I just love that shade range now and I have really started to experiment with the more darker and grey-ish toned lipsticks as I feel they are so easy to wear and they really suit my lip shape which thankfully I was blessed with a more fuller lip shape. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves 'Velvet Teddy'. €20 // Here

Primark Eyeliner Pen: How impressed am I with this liquid pen eyeliner? Majorly impressed. I've had this for a few months now and I use it every single day that I have college and it still hasn't dried out one bit, with most eyeliner pens they always end up drying out after 1-2 months and you haven't even used up all the product inside the pen. This was so affordable at just €1.50/€2 and I will be forever repurchasing it as long as they have it in stock. The pigmentation is an insane black and it is so easy to apply. You can create both a thin and thick line very easily but I have to say I'm not talented enough to create a well defined thin flick as the pen isn't very slim. // Here

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into what 
products I love for the year of 2015.
Love Chelsea x

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  1. So many amazing products that you've talked about here! The MAC Stippling brush is on my wishlist sounds amazing!
    Parie x