Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Hello Lovelies,
Recently I have been absolutely obsessed with ordering and looking up pinafores online and getting my hands on every type in every style I can find...literally. It is truly an obsession and I think it's safe to say that they will be worn again and again all summer long. They are so easy to wear and to couple with an array of different style tops. I absolutely love the fact that they can be worn very simple and classy with a white shirt or laced blouse but also worn in a more 'funky' 80's/90's way with a colourful striped t-shirt.

After getting my hands on this pinafore I just knew what I wanted to pair it with immediately and I just couldn't wait to finally put it on after a long time of study and college exams,and especially after being stuck in pj's and loungewear. This pinafore is so light and not tight which sometimes can be uncomfortable, I love the way it rounds out at the waist and the simple thick straps with round black buttons to tie it all together. When I saw this online I just knew I had to order it as it is perfect as an everyday pinafore that is just simple and is so versatile.

I paired it with this simple grey roll neck jumper and black thick cosy tights which are my absolute favourite as they last forever and actually keep your legs warm.There is none of those awkward situations of realising half way through the day that you have a big rip on the black leg of your tights.(nothing worse)

Now, I don't know if you're going to believe me with regard to this one but can you believe that these brogues are from penneys? They have absolutely stepped up their game recently with regards to various departments but their shoe collection has just blown me away. I got these a few months back but they still have a few pairs left in a few stores nationwide. They look exactly like the higher end brogues you get from brown thomas and for a mere fraction of the price.(usually €300 upwards) I don't have the smallest feet being over 6ft so when I say they are comfortable then trust me they are.

Pinafore // Boohoo
Grey roll-neck jumper // Penneys/Primark
Black cosy tights // Penneys/Primark
Brown brogues // Penneys/Primark
Moon Watch // Thrift Shop(unable to find online)

Hope you liked this outfit post,
Love Rouxella x

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  1. so cute!! love a pinafore dress, they're so versatile!
    katie x x