Friday, 24 June 2016

Healthy & Homemade Spicy Cajun Chilli Turkey Burgers

Here’s another amazing food recipe that I have for you all. After seeing countless amount of turkey burgers being sold in butchers across Ireland, especially the beautiful creations that Kerrigans Foods for Fitness are starting to produce and sell. Their burgers are being raved about all over Instagram by various food and fitness bloggers. A few weeks ago I began to experiment with different flavours and ingredients, but first I had to make sure that I was buying the highest quality of turkey mince while still being affordable. I started to ask multiple butchers in my area about what they have to offer and the prices that they charge. I purchased the turkey mince from CL Meats and all the vegetables and chilli from Lidl.

I have made an abundance of turkey burgers in a variety of flavours. But being the spice lover that I am, the first turkey burgers that I created were ‘Spicy Cajun Chilli Turkey Burgers’. What I love about making everything from scratch is the ability to experiment with different flavours and ingredients and of course, the ability to adapt a recipe to meet your dietary needs and your taste preferences. I am all for the spice and chilli kick so feel free to use as much or as little as you like. As you will see from the ingredients below I didn’t use any egg or 'binding' ingredient as I feel as though once they are chilled/frozen they hold their shape perfectly.

500g Turkey Mince
½ White Onion
½ Red Onion
2 Small Red Chilli’s(deseeded)
1 tbsp of Paprika
1-2 tbsp of Cajun Spice
1 heaped tsp of Garlic Powder

1.Begin by laying out all the ingredients on your table and putting all the mince in a medium sized mixing bowl. Chop up the white onion, red onion and of course those glorious red chilli’s into very small pieces.

2.Once all those are chopped you can then add it to the mince. Next, add your spices. Mine consisted of paprika, cajun spice and garlic powder. I would always add fresh garlic but at the time I didn't have any on hand so the garlic powder is a great alternative.

    3.Once you have all your ingredients in your mixing bowl all you have to do now is mix it all together, make sure you have everything mixed well. This starts the process of enhancing and marrying all the flavours together.

    4.Scoop out a rough amount of the mixture and mould them into medium sized turkey burgers, I always just wrap them up in tinfoil. I usually keep 2 in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. I usually get 4/5 burgers depending on whether I go for a medium sized or a generous medium sized.

This mixture freezes brilliantly well and they taste exactly the same as the turkey burgers you cook fresh. I throw them straight into the oven still in the tinfoil wrapping and cook them at 180C for around 20 minutes until lightly brown. Having them in the tinfoil keeps them moist and juicy and doesn't dry them out.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe post, let's all get cooking together.
Love Rouxella x

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