Saturday, 2 July 2016

The ULTIMATE Top 5 Brushes!

We all have those makeup brushes that we use all the time, the ones that we always find ourselves grabbing and those we feel we couldn’t live without. When I find a high quality brush I just have to have more than one in my collection. Four out of five of the brushes that I have featured on this blogpost are very affordable with the exception of one and I find that the durability and quality of these brushes are worth raving about. The fact is, most brushes that we find in the drugstore are manufactured in the same factory as those that are overly priced. There is nothing worse than when we spend a lot of money on brushes that don’t live up to our expectations. Most high end brushes tend to shed after a few washes.
From left to right, the first brush I use is the ‘Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22 Buffing Brush’. I bought this brush over a year ago and it is still in great condition. There hasn’t been one bit of shedding and it is still as compact and soft as when I first used it. I use this for both applying my base whether it is a primer or a liquid illuminator and also for my foundation. Due to its compact bristles, this brush gets the most coverage out of any foundation, from the lightest to the very high coverage foundations. It is perfect for blending out your foundation as it requires minimal effort, it’s almost like the brush does all of the hard work. It blends everything out so effortlessly and it also allows you to build up the coverage without any cakeyness. What I love most about this brush is that it doesn’t soak up the foundation, I find this happens with a lot of foundation brushes.

For both setting my foundation and bronzing up the face I always use my ‘Primark Powder and Blusher Face Brush’. This brush is of serious quality at such an affordable price. One side is more compact, dense and smaller in size which is perfect for setting your foundation with powder. It is not as large as the opposite side so it is perfect for getting into the crevices of the face such as around the nose and it is also great for setting the under eye area. The opposite side of the brush is amazing at bronzing up the face. What is great about this brush is that it is quite fluffy so there is no worry about harsh lines or applying too much product. Because of this, its blends everything out seamlessly and it is very easy to build up the intensity. I would highly recommend stocking up on all the Primark Beauty brushes as I have every one and they are definitely comparable to the high end brushes on the market.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics: E25/E26 Blending Duo €11.99
Now this brush might surprise you, can you believe that I use this brush both on my eyes and also on my face in a variety of ways. I use it mainly for blending out my eyeshadow. I use the F26 side first for the initial blending out of the base eyeshadow, this is one of the only blending brushes that I find actually blends out the eyeshadow without having to blend and blend and blend for what feels like days upon days. Even when I am using very neutral colours I still use this as it gives such a blended and seamless eyeshadow look. The F25 side is great for blending when you are using harsher shades and creating a dramatic look. Now for the surprise, I also use this on the face for contouring my face using both creams and powders. It is also the perfect shape and size for applying a highlighter to the high points of the face. No matter what type of product you are using, from a powder to a cream and even a liquid. Because of its size and its rounded shape, I find it's perfect at setting the under eye area with a powder and also blending away any fallout from your eyeshadow.

For the eyes I always use the ‘Real Techniques Shading Brush’. This brush is perfect for both applying a light layer of eyeshadow and also for packing on eyeshadow for a more dramatic and intense look. This brush has very compact synthetic bristles, it is perfect to use for both applying the eyeshadow and also blending the eyeshadow out with just a few swipes fur to its rounded tip. You always know you’re going to get such great quality at such an affordable price when you are purchasing any ‘Real Technique’ brushes. I have multiples of both their face and eyeshadow brushes, I highly rate all their brush sets.

Last but not least, the eyebrow brush I use every single time I fill in my brows is the 'Mac 266'. I have had this particular brush for years now. It was one of the first travel sized brush sets that I received. It has survived countless of travels and washes. It is perfect for applying both wax and powders, it has natural bristles and is also angled so it is great for creating both a natural and structured brow. The angled brush makes it easy to shape the brow especially around the arch of the brow. It is not as dense and compact as most eyebrow brushes out there, therefore, it is easy to build up the intensity of the brow shape and also the ease of cleaning the brush as the product doesn’t get trapped in the tightly compact bristles.

Hope you enjoyed this little favourites post,
Love Rouxella x


  1. I love my Sigma brushes. I use to have Mac brushes, but I find that they shed a lot.. And they are just way too expensive! I love real techniques too!! Love xx

  2. I have to get my hands on a few Real Techniques brushes. There are just too many people saying they're great :)