Saturday, 31 August 2013

A New Modern Look!

So this blogpost is a bit of a change from the others that I've done.
I recently changed my whole look with my glasses, I went for a more modern and bold look. For about a year or 2 years now i always wanted the geek style glasses. So I just went for it and made a trip into my local specsavers in the city center. Making this change was not as easy as I thought as I had quite a few options to choose from and picking one was just not easy at all. The good thing was I knew what style I wanted to go for but when I went in I was amazed by how many modern, bold and safisticated style glasses they had in store.

For the last 5 years now I've always went for the boring rectangled shape glasses, which I did love and never had any complaints about them. But as I've gotten older I've felt the need to have a more safisticated look and a more 'in trend' look with my glasses. Almost like using my glasses to my advantage and making them an accessory.

I have to say that the people in specsavers are so nice and helpful with trying out glasses and looking for the style you want. The also have so many offers in store and SOOOOO many styles for any age. So props to specsavers!!

So my new glasses are called Tristan 24881838, these are actually the men styled glasses but they are perfect! I can't even get over how much I love them and how chic and safisticated they make me look! It's like wearing the cinema 3D glasses after taking out the plastic parts. It also makes me feel like I can still wear my glasses in pictures, I don't feel the need to take them off.

I have finally got the act of contact lenses, now i do normally where my glasses when i need them for television and school, but when i do go out for parties and such i do prefer to where contacts!!(when i can afford them haha!)

Hope you enjoyed this review on my new glasses,
love rouxella x

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