Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Give Me Moisture!

For this blog i'm going to talk about my new favourite moisturiser, i've been looking for a really good moisturising moisturiser for ages now and i just couldn't find anything!

Until... i started seeing the moisture match moisturiser by garnier on television and getting reviewed a lot on youtube. I just had to try it! So looking through the different types of moisturisers they have for each skin type on the garnier site and in the pharmacies i am really amazed by the great selection they have.

They have Protect and Glow for normal skin, Start Afresh for the normal/dry skin, Goodbye Dry for dry/ very dry skin, Wake Me Up for dull skin, Shine Be Gone for combination/ oily skin. So as you can see they have a very good range of moisturisers for the youthful and ever matured skin.
Link To Garnier Moisture Match

The one i have is the goodbye dry moisturiser, even though i have dry combination skin i think it works perfectly at hydrating my skin and really giving life to my skin. It is a very rich consistency without being greasy on the skin and it also smells amazing! My skin doesn't look as dry and flat anymore, i feel as my skin is lifted and glowing. My skin is also quite sensitive and its perfect, it doesn't irritate my skin what so ever! As the winter months are drawing closer and closer i feel i am getting like dry patches on my cheeks and i feel that this moisturiser really absorbs into the dry patches and they cannot be seen on the skin when foundation is applied which is amazing!

This moisturiser is so amazing and hydrating for such an affordable price at €5.99 in boots, definitely worth a try! Link to Garnier Goodbye Dry Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream

Reviews from bazzar, stylist, look and celeb on sunday and much much more!

Hope you liked this review, love rouxella x

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