Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What's In My Bag?

So recently i have converted myself from a backpack kind of girl to a handbag type of girl. Now of course when i have a lot of things to carry or even if its really bad weather that day i do prefer to take my backpack with me. But most days i love my new (celine-esque) handbag from of course, my favourite place on earth!! Pennys/Primark for just €11. I love the mono-chrome look to it which in my opinion is always in style and it is most definitely in style this autumn/winter. Now i must admit, it does take time to get use to having a bag hang of your arm but it is so worth it.

This bag is very spacious on the inside and it holds all the stuff i need for college and everyday whether im just going to town or to my friends house ect. It also has a very flat pocket in the front which is perfect for your student ID, your phone and any necessities that are compact and that you find yourself reaching for a lot,

 So enough on my amazing bag, whats in it?

Of course i always have to have my purse in there, whether its for college for my I.D or just in general for my cards and age card.

I then have my planner, this is so useful for me as i find i can plan my meals ahead of time so i don't binge last minute. This is also good for writing down some blog ideas and if I have any plans which will take place next week ect as I'm quite forgetful.

I ALWAYS and i mean always have to have my phone charger in my bag, the battery my I Phone is the bane of my life, so no matter where i go my phone always decides to go dead and i have to search  high and low for a plug.

A few pens thrown in there from college will always be there.

GUM! gum is a saviour for college and anytime really! I love getting the big tubs of gum as they last forever and you don't feel like you need to keep them all to yourself because you might run out, "Sharing Is Caring Ladies"!

Depending on if its the weekend or during the week i will have a refill pad in there for college as i am always taking notes in the lectures and always have to write something down.

Earphones are so handy in college especially when you're in the labs and you have some time to kill and you decide to watch a movie or even a tv series! lifesavers when you're in college.

I Have to have my 'flo' which is the exact same thing as a travelo, Its perfect to have at the end of your bag to spray during the day no matter where you are, i find it very useful for college and mostly if I'm going on a night out.  How it works? you spray some of your favourite perfume at the moment into the bottom of the flo which twists off.

 And of course some receipts, which just love to lie around at the end of my bag! clutter,clutter,clutter!

Hope ye liked this blogpost,
Love Rouxella x

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