Monday, 1 December 2014


WHAT IS MAKEUP CRUSH MONDAY? Well..I've been wanting to start a series for awhile now. And just last night i was trying to think of something with a catchy name, but not something that is very obvious or generic. I also wanted to pick a day which i had to do these posts maybe once every month or even more frequently depending on what product i feel fits the description.

For this series i was thinking that i would maybe get a product that has been talked about in the beauty world and try them out or even just show you a product i have been loving and give a honest review on how i feel it works with me, whether it being a makeup product, skincare or even hair care, anything beauty related.

So without further a due, for this blogpost i thought id start with a purchase i made this week but i did have the sample size before but this week i bought the bigger size! Its the they're real mascara. In this blogpost i will also be giving a before and after picture, as you may already know I have blonde eyelashes, they are long and full but because they are blonde you don't really see that.

The thing i absolutely 'lovee' about this mascara is the fact that it's a rubber wand so i feel the bristles of the wand really get into the roots of my lashes and don't just coat them which is what happens with most mascaras, with other mascaras the lashes are coated but the roots are showing through as a lighted colour. But with the they're real mascara the formula is quite wet so it coats the lashes really well and this elongates them and with a second coat the lashes become thicker and thicker.

The top of the brush has this round effect with smaller little mascara spikes i guess you could call them which make it such a breeze to get into the inner corner lashes. This addition to the mascara wand makes coating the bottom lashes also very easy and you can actually coat them without getting mascara all over your under eye. Nothing i hate more is having this big mascara wand with product on it, how do companies expect you to first get into the roots of your lashes and secondly coat your tiny bottom lashes with such a big wand.

The lasting power of this mascara is by far the most amazing thing about this product, with other mascara's like my covergirl one and the miss sporty ones the lasting power is just for 3 or 4 hours and then my lashes are still covered but its like there's not much product on them. But with this, especially when im in college for 9 hours even more some days and the fact that the only makeup i wear is mascara i really like to have it lasting atleast 6 hours and by god this does. It's truly a god sent!!!


Just one coat! Amazing results already.

2-3 coats. 

As you can see there is a major difference in my lashes, (FYI: I do have some leftover mascara from taking it off for this blogpost) and this mascara is truly worth every bit of hype and the price. I would totally recommend everyone to go out and try this mascara, its a god sent for me and i couldnt go without using it, nothing else compares in my opinion! 

Available at Debenhams: Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Hope ye enjoyed, 
Love Rouxella x

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