Friday, 15 May 2015

Living For It Friday!

Hey loves,

Look who is back...After my first hectic and stressful year of college completed i am finally able to just sit down and relax and really enjoy myself with my blog. I've been thinking of so many ideas for my blog and I have a lot of posts roughly written out which are both beauty related and excitingly I have also decided to broaden my blog and start to incorporate more lifestyle type blogpost for you guys.

 So I have been loving some products lately which I feel deserve their own little blogpost and shout-out. So this series is called 'Living For It Friday'. In these blogposts I will be talking about any product from beauty, fashion and even lifestyle to which I am LOVING or should I say 'LIVING' for. These type post will only be up on Fridays and hopefully I will have one up for ye once every month or so. 

To kick off the first of many 'Living For It Friday' series, I will be talking about the 'L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation'. Let me just start off by saying..WOWZA. This is a foundation which has been crazily hyped on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram by not only beauty bloggers but everyday social media users. This foundation is meant to be a drugstore dupe for the 'Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation' which I love with all my heart and soul but being a student with a very student budget I find myself trying to find these dupes very often.

Since running out of my 'Estee Lauder Double Wear' I just couldn't withstand the hype, that I just had to see what all the hype was about. Usually I am one which doesn't buy much of the products which  have been overly hyped unless a few of my favourite bloggers have said there opinion. But boy am I happy I finally gave in. The coverage on this foundation is definitely medium to high coverage which is beautiful and so easily build-able. It definitely gives the same look as the double wear but the texture it leaves on the skin is quite different. The 'L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte' has a powdery feeling as you blend and work it into the skin.

I have the color '13 Natural Beige'. At first application I felt as though it was a bit pinkish and lighter than expected as I was looking for a shade to wear when I have tan on as its coming into the summer months and I've been obsessed with wearing tan lately. But once i have applied my concealer and it has set onto the skin it gives the most amazing flawless finish that suits my skin and tan amazingly.

 It gives a matte finish which I love and is a key factor in any foundation that I buy. I usually have dry combination skin which at the moment it seems to be quite normal, I find with certain foundations they make my T-Zone quite oily when usually without makeup I don't get very oily. But with this angel sent from the gods, there is no oil what so ever. In my opinion I would only need to powder if I was going on a night out with the girls but not on an everyday basis. But if you are a person who finds themselves getting quite oily throughout the day I can definitely say this would stay in place perfectly with a good setting powder.

This foundation lasts all day, On me personally I feel there is no need to powder and no need to touch up. It amazes me how long it lasts and how well it stays put throughout the day. Since this is a very matte foundation It must be said that preparation is KEY! The skin definitely must be prepped well and moisturized well. If you find that your skin is very flakey and has a few dry patches i don't think this foundation will sit well with you. Even on myself if I have a dry patch on the outside on my face it will attach to that dry patch, but saying that I do feel that preparation is key and if the skin is well moisturized and hydrated it wont be a big problem.

Another must for this foundation which must be noted is that it doesn't break me out! Most heavy coverage foundations will break me out around my T-zone and especially where my pores are. But since using this I haven't broken out in that area at all after wearing this foundation. At just €12.29 I feel that this is definitely worth a try if you feel as though this will suit your skin and of course if you've been intrigued about this foundation for as long as i have.

I bought mine from my local boots and you can also buy online here.                                         

Hope you enjoyed this post,
 Love Chelsea x

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