Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pink Summer Vibes!

Hey loves,

As its coming into the summer months I have been really trying to incorporate colour into my makeup, my wardrobe and also into the layout of my bedroom. It really does brighten up your mood and creates a sense of relaxation and unwinding. I am definitely the type of person who goes through different phases with regards to colours. Since this post is all about the summer vibes it has to do with colours that are bright and are colours you would normally associate with 'summer'.

Lately I have been obsessed with the colour pink, and I think this is the perfect colour from coming out of spring and into summer as it is definitely a colour to brighten up the face and your style. I have put together a few of my favourite 'pink' beauty products which I have been loving lately and definitely products which get me into those summer vibes.

Essence Unforgettable Kiss Duo Blush:
This blush gives the most soft and gentle flush of baby pink to your cheeks.It is perfect for that naturally fresh look that we all strive for in these summer months. And how pretty is it though, seriously so sweet! This was part of essence's valentines limited collection so I don't know if its still available (sorry).

Sleek Blush in 'Pixie Pink 936':
For those who rather a blush which is more noticeable and brings that real flush of pink to the cheeks now this is perfect for you. It is the most amazing bright fluorescent pink which can be applied to the cheeks with just the slightest touch as it is quite pigmented.

Sleek Pixie Pink Blush €5.99 // Here

Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 'Gold n'Rose':
This eyeshadow needs no words.. It is just the most beautiful eyeshadow that gives an almost liquid/foiled effect to the lid. I just want to have the whole collection right now! I am blown away with the longevity of this eyeshadow and the pigmentation is outstanding. Apply either wet or dry to the lid, I like to apply it with a damp stiff brush for maximum colour payoff and little fallout. 

Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows €4.49 // Here

Lancome Juicy Tube 'Pamplemousse':
This is one of the mini juicy tubes from the travel set and I have loved these lip glosses for years now. This give the most intense shine and they are also known for their pleasant taste. They are quite sticky so a little goes a long way. This colour is the perfect neutral shade with that hint of pink/mauve.

Wet n Wild Lipstick in 'Bare It All':
This is the most perfect 'me' colour. If you know me you know I LOVE that "Kylie Jenner" pinky/mauve lipstick colour and I was so delighted when I saw the 'Wet n Wild' counter in Penneys. This colour is known for being the most accurate dupe for 'Mac Blankety'. For just €2.99 you cannot go wrong. It definitely is a matte lipstick and it also lasts ages. What I love about these lipsticks is they dont dry out my lips what so ever.

 Mac Blush in 'Pinch o Peach':
This is my first ever blush from mac and as you can see I have used it quite a lot. What I love about mac blushes is that you get your value for money as they last forever. This is definitely a must have for me as it gives such a nice and neutral pink colour to the cheeks. It is so versatile, It is gorgeous for a natural look and is also perfect with a bronzed summer look.

Soap & Glory Hand Food:
This is by far my most well used and favourite drugstore hand moisturizer. Lately my hands have been going through this crazy dry spell which I have never had a problem with before. Seeing as it is coming into the summer months where our nails will be constantly a standout, I believe its key to nourish our hands to the max. This is perfect for us girls that are on a budget yet don't want to sacrifice quality and its the perfect size to throw into your handbag. 

Hand Food €7.69 // Here
 Soap &Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream:
Us girls know how much effort we have to put into our routine from shaving the legs and then exfoliating the legs and then moisturizing the legs and on top of that even tanning the legs. Its serious maintenance which I hate with a passion. But I do have to say moisturizing every few days does make such a difference and this sugar crush body butter from Soap & Glory is a current favourite of mine. Its a real thick formulation and intensively nourishes the skin and is great for applying the night before to let it soak into the skin nicely.

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream €14.69 // Here

Essence Colour & Go Nail Varnish in '':
This is such an easy colour to pop on and it instantly puts you in that summer mood with that pink/coral shade. Now these nail varnishes do take a bit to dry but the colour payoff is seriously crazy and they are so affordable at just €1.49. Can someone say bargin?

Benefit Girl Meets Peal Illuminator:
A key in these summer months is that natural dewy look. Me personally I like to use a matte foundation all year round and then create that dewiness with my illuminator and highlighters. For the days that I don't want an intense powder highlighter I like to use this liquid illuminator for that natural yet highlighted glow.

Girl Meets Girl €35 // Here

Hope You Enjoyed This Blogpost,
Love Chelsea x

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