Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Perfect Nude with Sparkle!

Hello Loves,
I thought it was about time I showed ye my favourite nail combo. I bought these nail varnishes about 5/6 months ago and since then it has been all I have worn on my nails. The quality of these nail varnishes is seriously outstanding. I put these nail varnishes on Monday when I was taking these photos and it is now Friday when I am writing this and there is still no chipping in sight. And believe it or not.. That is with no base or top coat. I am not a person who really takes notice of when my polishes chip so I thought for this post I'd put them to the test. Result is I am absolutely blown away by not only the longevity but the quality of these nail varnishes.

This colour is the most perfect nude I have ever came across. It is not too beige nor is it too pink. I am blown away with the quality of Sally Hansen nail varnishes. In my opinion these range of polishes aren't talked about enough and deserve all the hype. As I'm writing this post I am looking up the other shades in the range that I can purchase and try out. I use two/three coats with no base or top coat to get this payoff. They are also cheaper than Essie and with the 10/10 quality payoff I don't see why anyone wouldn't try them out. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure '220 Cafe Au Lait' €8.99 // Here

These Rimmel Glitter Bombs are definitely the best Glitter nail polishes I have ever used. I have bought and spent a lot on money on glitter polishes in the past which have just left big clumps of glitter on my nails and don't distribute the glitter particles evenly. But Rimmel's range of  'Glitter Bomb' nail varnishes are a serious game changer. It is so easy to get an even distribution of the perfect small circular sized glitters and it also has these tiny glitter flecks which just bring sparkle to the nails instead of just the glitter particles. This polish is a pinky/rose shade with a hint of silver and is so versatile with any colour polish you use.

Rimmel London Glitter Bomb Top Coat '019 Disco Diva'  €5.49 // Here

Hope You Enjoyed This Post,
Chelsea x

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