Saturday, 11 July 2015

Morning Essentials: SUMMER EDITION

Hello lovelies,
I thought it was about time I showed you guys what I like to have every morning to make sure I start my day right! I do think if we wake in a good mood and have a few of our favourite essentials things in the morning then it starts our day on a good note and we carry that upbeat mood with us throughout the day. These are just a few of the things I enjoy having in the morning or things that I feel are a necessity to get me in that 'LETS DO THIS' attitude!

Since it's been so warm here in Ireland recently I have been loving this face mist 'Thermal Spring Water Spray' by La Roche-Posay. It just gives my face the water and hydration it needs in the morning since I don't like to use a moisturiser unless I'm going to be putting makeup on that day. This is perfect for giving your face that cool down effect and would be perfect for people that are going abroad also. Its so lightweight since it's just a mist and distributes very evenly over the face. I also love this for over my makeup if I feel as though my makeup looks too powdery, It almost gives life to the face and gives that natural dewy look to the face as I feel it really emphasizes my highlight without looking like a disco ball.

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My to die for scent that I literally spray 3 to 4 times a day, not because it doesn't last..because it does! But because it just smells so light and not over powering, It's great for that 'everyday scent' and almost makes me feel relaxed. I got this French Connection Body Spray quite a while ago but I just never used it. It's such a different type of scent to my usual fruity perfumes but its very addictive. It is described as having hints of vanilla, oriental and floral notes. This describes this scent perfectly.As you can tell I am obsessed and in need of a new bottle. 

I have been really into magazines lately(...turning into my mother). I love looking at the beauty and fashion sections mostly. My favourite magazine lately has hands down been the U Magazine which is an Irish Magazine, Woohoo. And it's only €1.70, I'd love to be buying Elle more frequently but they are just so expensive. The fashion section in the U Magazine is just to die for, they have it colour co-ordinated to show different pieces in that one colour. I also love the Pippa O' Connor section that she does for the magazine where she shows a few of her favourite things, she's a serious goddess! If I have read all my magazines then I just love to use my bush tablet to look up online magazines such as 'Stylist'.

A must for most people every morning is some type of beverage, I like to start my day off with something warm to really make me feel relaxed and at ease. I would either have a Hot Lemon Water which I have been having a lot lately. Starting your day with a lemon water detoxifies the body and helps with clearing out any toxins from our system and also helps with digestion. If I feel I'm going to have a long day or if I'm going to be busy with college I do love my Nescafè Gold Blend Coffee. And when I do have my coffee I go big with my mug which is a huge christmas mug I got a few years back in Belgium, go big or go home right?

For the mornings when I don't have a full shower I love having a quick body shower to wake me up. I've been loving this 'Radox Spa Enriched Shower Cream'. It has Hibiscus, Frangipani and Coconut Oil infused into it and the Coconut scent is so relaxing in the morning. This shower cream really does leave my skin feeling so nourished and soft. The spa range from Radox is outstanding and it really does make you feel like you're in a spa with their wide array of scents.

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Now what kind of morning would it be without my trusty 'Tangle Teezer'. To the creater of this brush I applaud you to the moon and back. This brush has been a god sent for my hair and it really does feel like I'm not damaging my hair when it's being brushed. I use this on both wet and dry hair and I really do swear by this product. I have had this one for over a year now even longer and I am in need of a new one as their after launching ones with the cutest designs. Also got to have some 'Bobby Pins' of course which are forever going missing.

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Hope ye enjoyed this blogpost,
Love Chelsea x

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