Friday, 3 July 2015

The Summer Geranium Nail Inspiration

Hello lovelies,
Recently I have been majorly obsessed with painting my nails and I have been on the hunt for more nail polishes as I am running out of summer colours in my collection. I was helping my mother recently with her garden ( really just watching her do everything) and I just had to take a picture of her Geraniums which she has in a window box in the front of our house. The picture just came out so beautifully with the rain drops on the petals.

This gave me major inspiration to search my collection for a shade which is near enough in colour. I did have a maybelline nail polish colour  in 'Orange Attack' // Here but it does tend to leave a bit of a tint on the nails when removing the nail polish. I did a bit of noising in my mothers nail polish collection as she is always painting her nails. I found this amazing Clinique nail polish, the range is called 'A Different Nail Enamel' and the shade is 'Summer In The City'. I have no idea if this is a recent purchase or if it's from a few months back but what I do know is that it is just the most beautiful orange summer shade with that hint of coral thrown in there too. 

As you can see by the picture, the colour is almost identical to the flowers. It goes on so smoothly with a max of two coats just to get that full pigmentation but in my opinion you could get away with one good/generous coat. But of course I have to do two because I love that high pigmentation pay off and it also helps with the longevity of the nail polish. I do feel as though this doesn't last a whole week without any chipping but it definitely lasts 3/4 days. There is also no tinting of the nails when removing the polish which I am so happy about as this does tend to happen with some polishes that are such a bright colour. Another bonus you ask? It drys amazingly quick.

// Here

I hope ye enjoyed this blogpost,
Love Chelsea x

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