Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mac 'The Matte Lip' Collection Has Me Drooling

For any girls out there like myself that always go for a matte lip and are known for walking straight towards the matte lipstick range then you will be overjoyed to hear that Mac have launched more shades into their ‘Matte Lip Collection’ which includes some already existing lipstick shades but they have also gifted us with new shades which will be added to the permanent collection.

There are two finishes included in this Collection. The general ‘Matte’ range and also the ‘Retro Matte’ .The ‘Retro Matte' is a drier and thinner formula and it also tends to last even longer than the usual Matte finishes. The new shades in my opinion are to die for and they are right up my alley. I love Mac lipsticks as the staying power is outstanding and they are of amazing quality. Since I always go for the matte finish, this collection is a total must for me personally.

This Collection has launched in Mac/Brown Thomas stores nationwide for a retail price of €20. 
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 I thought I'd give you an insight into the collection and let you guys know which shades I am hoping to get my hands on ASAP.

Mac describes this collection as For those who prefer timeless glamour rather than all-out flash, the sophisticated allure of matte reigns supreme. Now, M∙A∙C expands its offering of this classic suede-like finish with 12 new shades of Matte and Retro Matte Lipstick. These lipsticks promise a pop of colour that will linger on your lips with impressive staying power.”

Runway Hit (Light Nude Matte | Retro Matte | Existing)
Kinda Sexy (Neutral Pinky-Rose | Matte | Existing)
Steady Going (Light Pink Matte | Retro Matte | Existing)
Please Me (Muted-Rosy Pink | Matte | Existing)
Naturally Transformed (Muted Golden Beige | Matte | New)
Velvet Teddy (Deep-Tone Beige | Matte | Existing)
Men Love Mystery (Lavender Violet | Matte| New)
Pink Pigeon (Bright Cleanest Pink | Matte | Existing)
Tropic Tonic (Full Power Coral | Matte | New)
Flat Out Fabulous (Bright Plum Matte | Retro Matte | Existing)
All Fired Up (Bright Fuchsia Matte | Retro Matte | Existing)
D For Danger (Brick Red | Matte | New)
Stone (Muted Greyish Taupe Brown | Matte | New)
Whirl (Dirty Rose | Matte | New)
Persistence (Peachy Cinnamon | Matte | New)
Dangerous (Orange Red Matte | Retro Matte | Existing)
Ruby Woo (Very Matte Vivid Blue-Red | Retro Matte | Existing)
Heroin (Bright Purple | Matte | Existing)
Studded Kiss (Dark Oxblood Red | Matte | Existing)
Antique Velvet (Intense Brown | Matte | New)
Instigator (Deep Blackened Plum | Matte | Existing)
Matte Royal (Deep Blue | Matte | New)

I definitely have my eye on ‘Studded Kiss’. ‘Antique Velvet’ and ‘D For Danger’. I usually don’t tend to get too excited by the Mac collections honestly but the Fall/Autumn Collections that they are launching right now are seriously right up my alley and I am loving all the dark/vampy colours.

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Love Chelsea x

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