Saturday, 5 September 2015

Back to College Fashion Must Haves

Hello Lovelies, It’s that time of year when we all get excited for not really getting back to college unless you’re like me and love college. But it’s that time where we all love to get all our new things whether it being beauty related, fashion related or my favourite..STATIONARY.  For this blogpost I thought it would be perfect to share with ye what fashion basics I will have in my wardrobe which are perfect for college and everyday life. The items which I feel are a staple in my wardrobe. 

I am definitely a person who loves to have the basics and just style them differently. I am definitely an outfit repeater so when I find something which I feel looks amazing and feels comfortable then I wear it and wear it and wear it again. Penneys/Primark is definitely the shop where I buy the majority of my clothes, especially the basics. They are so affordable which is perfect for us students. There are also a few surprises thrown in there aswell(just to spice things up).

1.Check Shirt - No matter what the season I always love my check shirts. They are so easy to style with jeans and a plain t-shirt.  They are also very versatile; you have so many options with regards to how to wear them. You can wear them normally over a plain t-shirt, around your waist and even under a jumper with the collars out. Penneys/Primark is definitely killing it with their check shirts this season as they have them in a variety of colours and styles. // Here

2.Stripped T-Shirts - I have been obsessed with stripes lately. I feel as though they are so stylish and affordable. They are perfect with a pair of jeans to get that perfect casual look. I cannot deny that it always makes me feel like I am a Parisian lady when I wear anything with strips. They are also available in Primark/Penneys at just €5.//Here

3.Blue Denim Skirt - I got this skirt a few weeks back and I am so inlove. They are great for every season as they can be worn with and without tights. And they can be styled with any top, whether you want to wear a baggy jumper, a plain t-shirt or even dress it up with a simple blouse. I got mine from Primark/Penneys but I cant see it on the website so I gave a similar one from topshop. //Here

4.Blue & Black Jeans - The absolute staple in everyone’s wardrobe is of course a pair of jeans. I live in jeans and I always reach for a blue or black pair depending on which pair is washed. Jeans are so easy to style and are so versatile as they can be worn casually or dressed up. 

5.Tights - I absolutely love wearing skirts in autumn with tights and boots. Tights are a staple for me when it goes into the colder months as you can still get away with wearing your favourite skirts and shorts without the worry of having bare cold legs.  //Here

6.Camel Coat - Now this is the item which is on my autumn wishlist as I came across this coat in New Look last week and it was love at first sight. Such great value for such amazing quality, I can already tell that this season for me is going to be all about Coats and Jackets and this is definitely a piece which must be added to my wardrobe. 

7.Plain Tee’s - I have so many of these in black, white and even grey. They are so easy to style with either skirts or jeans and also high-waisted shorts. They are so easy to just throw on with a cute necklace and you are ready to go. //Here

8.Turtle/Roll Neck - These are a new addition to my wardrobe as I always thought they would never suit me and they wouldn’t suit my face shape. But since I found them on sale in new-look during the summer I am always adding to my collection in a variety of colours from black to grey and even a nude/beige which I absolutely adore and wear all the time. They will be a life savour in these colder months as they will not only keep my neck warm but they also look very stylish with a leather jacket and a pair of jeans.  //Here

9.Black Boots - Boots are a necessity in the colder months no matter what style, especially when we are coming into these colder months and our footsies will be freezing. I love a pair of black boots as they are so versatile and go with any outfit. Whether you are going to be wearing jeans or even a black skirt with tights, they just look good with everything. These Chelsea boots are available everywhere but I get mine from ShoeZone for a bargain price of €16.99 //Here

10.Bomber Jacket - How obsessed am I with jackets and coats this season? I put all the blame on Sarah Ashcroft. She is an absolute babe, she is a fashion/beauty blogger and posts amazing outfits which make me want to just buy everything she is wearing. I adore the khaki green coloured bombers that are available from misguided and I am totally putting an order in as soon as I go back to college. //Here

11.Scarfs - I absolutely love these scarfs. They are so cosy and easy to just throw on instead of the regular scarfs where you have to wrap it around more than once and I always struggle to get it looking perfect. I always find that the regular scarfs are never thick enough to keep my neck warm whereas these are the perfect thickness without looking bulky. // Here

12.Leather Jacket - I was never one for the leather jacket look until I got this one from Zara. This Leather Jacket is just amazing and I literally wear it any time I leave my house. It makes an effortless casual outfit seem like you actually put in a lot of effort. They can be worn casually during the day but they are also great for dressing up an outfit for that day to night easy look. // Here

I Hope You Enjoyed This Fashion Post,
Love Chelsea x

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  1. These all look great Chelsea, love the oversized red check shirt 😍 think I need to go shopping, this post has given me lots of great ideas. x