Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Liberty Grill Birthday Breakfast...

Hello Ladies and Gents,
It feels amazing to finally get to put up a blogpost after over a month of straight studying and exams. It was a really stressful time as they always are so I'm glad I finished them and I am very proud of all the hard work I put in. 

It's a tradition for me and my lovely mother to go to 'The Liberty Grill' for my birthday breakfast. The Liberty Grill is on Washington Street in Cork City and it is a very well known restaurant for their excellent food and service. Being me as always, I had to spend the first half of my morning beautifying myself and I also recieved a present of a princess tiara off my parents. Now you may ask, Chelsea did you actually wear that to breakfast? Well yes, of course I did.

Being a usual Saturday morning there was a queue out the door, I felt like such an American lining up for breakfast. But before we begin, Let me just say, The wait is 100% worth it. There are many things I love about the Liberty Grill.There's not a lot of places that I talk so highly about, but 'The Liberty Grill' is without a doubt my top favourite. It holds a special place in my heart.

Food: The food is definitely outstandingly good. It is so fresh and cooked to 'P E R F E C T I O N', every time I go there it just gets better and better and you just know that your meal has been cooked with real passion and precision. Hands up for the very talented Chefs.

The Atmosphere: The atmosphere is so cool and collected. Even though it is a seriously busy restaurant there is no stress or rush around the floor. Especially now that it is the Christmas season you'd think they would very stressed. Most importantly, they have some festive decorations up and it creates a very happy and festive feeling in anyone who enters their doors.

The Unbelievable Staff: The staff in the Liberty Grill are just one of an kind, they really do work to make you feel special and make your dining experience magical. They are so attentive and are continuously making sure everything is as you like it to be. They are a true credit to The Liberty Grill.

I don't go for breakfast or even to the The Liberty Grill that often as I am always busy with college so I think that is why I appreciate and feel so excited going to the Liberty Grill for either breakfast or even brunch. It's a serious Luxury without the luxury price tag.

I would totally recommend anyone to go have breakfast,brunch,lunch or even dinner. The menu can be seen here( The Liberty Grill Menu ). Especially with it being this time of year, treat someone special or even treat yourself. Make sure you snap a picture of your meal like I did, all for the instagrams.

I hope you liked getting a little peak into my magical morning at The Liberty Grill,
Love Chelsea x

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