Friday, 23 August 2013

All About The Lips!

So here it is, everything i do for my lips.

So my first step to soft kissable lips definitely has to be my lush lip scrub in bubblegum, this product right here is a must to everyone who loves their lips baby soft! i would normally do it two or three times a week depending on what state they are in that week, as it has started to get cooler those nights i can already tell my lips are getting dry due to those autumn and winter months that are about to come. This scrub is the perfect texture and consistency to get at those dried bits around the lip lines without irritating the skin. And the most amazing thing of all is that it really does taste like bubblegum, they also have a popcorn flavour which i have still yet to try out! This lip scrub is the best i've tried and it at a very affordable price.
Link To The Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub

The second step is definitely a daily routine something i do every night, every morning and everytime i feel i need it!It's moisturizing the lips, my favourite is of course vaseline, preferably with aloe vera. I feel it does its job amazingly and it is so widely available. I also love the body shops born lippy watermelon lip balm. Its very creamy and tastes amazingggg! I guess i'd have to say that flavour is a very big issue for me, if i dont like the flavour no matter how good it is i wont stick to it and wont enjoy having it on so having these lip balms that have an amazing flavour and do really work at moisturizing the lips is great!!

To be honest i don't really use a lip primer that much, i don't feel as their a necessity. I did try a gosh one but I feel the lipstick stayed on the same time as it would if i didn't have the primer on.

My favourite lipsticks at the moment are very different in colour but are amazing and long wearing. The most worn lipstick i owned would be macs 'Creme Cup', i am so devastated that i have used it all up and haven't had the money to repurchase a new one! The finish is a cremesheen and as it is very drying on the lips if you have the previously steps done its WOWZA! It is the perfect colour for any skin tone, i am pale and it worked amazingly! I'm very sorry i don't have a swatch photo for you guys as soon as i get it i'll put it up!!
Link To Macs Cremecup

My second most used it a recently bought lipstick but very used, it is the maybelline colorsensational in 140 'Intense Pink'. This lipstick is very creamy and matt, i seriously love it for everyday nude pink and have to pick up a new one ASAP! I find that it isin't as matt as the mac cremesheen which is good as they tend to be very drying on the lips. The packaging is also very fancy which i like!

 Throughout the summer months my must have lipstick was the catrice lipstick in 260 'Its a matt word'. It is an amazing dupe for macs lipstick lady danger! I was going to buy it untill i found this and i now own 3 of them as im scared they will be discontinued. It is a very matt lipstick but i got so many compliments on the colour, its the perfect red and was very 'in' this summer. I dont think ill ever find a red colour i like as much as this.
Link To Catrice Lipstick

 Last but not least is the revlon super lustrous lipstick in the colour 663 'Va Va Violet' . This lipstick is a purple/wine based lipstick and is a very vampy looking lipstick! I'm inlove with it! It is also a matt lipstick and compliments any skin tone. Throughout the autumn and winter months this is gonna be very popular and a must have for us lipstick lovers!
Link To Revlons Lipstick

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost, love rouxella x

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