Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Favourite Drugstore Mascaras

So here it is my first ever blog-post! For my first post I decided to talk about my favourite beauty item, something I could never live without.Whether I am going to town or school or anywhere, mascara is a must! I don't know whether it is to do with my love for big lashes or that I have naturally blonde eyelashes I just always have to have some mascara on.

Throughout the years of loving makeup I have tried quite a few mascaras, from high end mascaras to the drugstore favourites. But overall drugstore mascaras have been the best. All these drugstore mascaras I have all bought in boots.

The first mascara I am going to review is one of the most favourite mascara choices throughout the world and especially among the beauty guru family. It is the maybelline falsies mascara by maybelline. This mascara is perfect for making my eyelashes very dramatic looking and insanely black, I must say I do prefer putting an elongating mascara on first just to get the full effect of the mascara. Because my eyelashes are blonde I love the blackness of this mascara and the way it shows the fullness of my eyelashes that you couldn't really see normally.
Link to the Maybelline Falsies Mascara

The second mascara is also in the same brand as the mascara I just reviewed, it is the one by one mascara by maybelline. This is by far my favourite maybelline mascara, it gives such length to my eyelashes and the thickness can be built up so easily without clumps. Another thing that also made it my favourite is that the root of my lashes were also coated which is normally a problem for me.
Link to the Maybelline One by One Mascara

My current favourite mascara is the miss sporty's pump up mascara booster in 001 black, I love the length and thickness it gives my eyelashes. It's very black and very cheap. The downsides to this mascara is that its very wet so it takes longer to dry and it might get onto your under eye area which is very annoying. My mother has been using the waterproof version of this mascara and finds that it doesn't smudge down under the lashes which is a bonus to people that this happens to. Valued at €4.99 it is worth the try!!
Link to the Miss Sporty Pump Up Mascara Booster

Hope you enjoyed this review! love rouxella x

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