Saturday, 15 August 2015

How Much Does Your Perfume Describe You? featuring ZARA.

Hello Lovelies,
So as you might know if you follow me on Instagram(which you totally should). I was in Dublin recently and Dublin is possibly the best place in the whole of Ireland for shopping, especially because there was sales on EVERYWHERE. I seriously scored some bargains, especially in Zara and Mango. These are shops I wouldn’t shop in frequently as Zara is quite expensive and there's no Mango where I live unfortunately. But anyway, on our last day in Dublin we went back into Zara for the 5th time that weekend and we spotted the perfume isle.

Now if you know me and my perfume ways, I am 'that girl' that goes into Brown Thomas and Boots and just sprays all the perfumes I can get my hands on. I was blown away by not only the amazing scents they have in Zara but also the price, they look so luxurious yet they are so affordable.
My eyes darted straight for a range of perfumes that have different quotes printed on the bottle. Every bottle has a different quote and is also a different colour. I just loved this idea because you could not only purchase a scent which matches you perfectly but you can also get a saying//quote which might describe you in a more personal way or even one that you think is cute or fun.

I just had to get my hands on these perfumes, After smelling all the scents they have on offer over and over again I ended up purchasing 'Don't Over Think It'. Now I was definitely lucky in relation to the fact that this perfume I purchased stood out so much to me because of the quote which is printed on the bottle. The best way to describe it would definitely be when we find ourselves scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and you come across a quote which just describes how you are feeling at that moment in time.

 I am definitely a person who over thinks everything, even the littlest things. It is definitely something which I am known for and I feel as though instead of portraying it as something that is a weakness of mine, I feel as though I can embrace it because it is a part of me and I can’t change it. The scent of this is quite summery and sweet but not overly sweet like the scents I usually go for. The scent is described in 3 sections:
Top: Pear: Mandarin and Grapefruit.
Heart: Rose and Ylang Ylang.
Base: Gedar and Musk.

The longevity of these perfumes are outstanding.What I love most about these perfumes is you can get those moments when the scent of the perfume just seems to intensify for a quick second at random intervals throughout the day, and this could be at the end of the night when my normal perfumes are usually long worn off. These perfumes are super inexpensive and I also got it on sale at just €5.99 when usually I think they are around €7.99. These are perfect for treating others to or even yourself. I would totally push you to check them out in stores before they are gone.

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Hope You Enjoyed This Post,
Love Chelsea x