Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Perfect Pout!

Hello Lovelies,
When doing my makeup on a typical day I usually tend to use just a lip balm or gloss because I am normally in a rush due to being a typical girl I tend to get carried away when listening to music and I end up taking forever. But recently I have been really into doing my mauvey/nude lip, whenever I do this lip I always end up loving it and I always tend to go for this combo.
I cannot deny that this lip look is inspired by the amazing Kylie Jenner. Her lip colour is always on point and it gives me seriousl lip inspiration whenever I see her snapchats and her pictures on Instagram. We all know by now that she is known for that bold mauvey lip .

The higher ended Lipliner I use is from Mac of course and it is in the shade ‘Whirl’.This Lipliner is very well hyped in the beauty community.When I was actually buying this Lipliner it was recommend by the makeup artist as being one of the Lipliners that Kylie uses. It is definitely more brown toned instead of pink and it is just perfect in my opinion for really giving shape to your lips. I love this shade as it gives more dimension to the lips instead of being just a one coloured nude all over. This Lipliner lasts ages and it is so easy to use. It glides onto the lips very smoothly but it isn’t too creamy to the point where it just spreads all over the lips.

 Mac Whirl Lipliner // Here

The lipstick I have absolutely obsessing over is the Penneys/Primark lipstick in a nude shade. This lipstick doesn't have a name unfortunately but it is the only nude that is available in the range I believe. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the gold packaging? The packaging is just so luxurious and the quality is very sturdy. I would seriously buy the whole range that they have available just because of the packaging. I am insanely impressed with the emphasis to detail they have put into their packaging. For example, the way you can see the shade of the lipstick at the bottom of the lipstick packaging. The lipstick has a matte finish and the longevity of this lipstick is definitely good for such an affordable price. Can you believe this lipstick only costs €2? Definitely a must have! 

Penneys/Primark Nude Lipstick // Here

I would definitely recommend you guys to go check out these two lip products as they are a major must have for me! Hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost.
Love Chelsea x

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